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VP5/VE3NE pix and story

Sable Island  43' 56" North   60' 01" West      Operators: VE3NZ, VE3EY, N1NK, VE3NE 
CY0MM:  FN93XW       





>>>>>>>> CY0MM on-line LOG is here: <<<<<<<<
Check the on-line LOG site for new pictures every day.

     The story of CY0MM                             Few pictures:

     QSL via VE3NE:
     Lajos Laki - VE3NE
     53 Widdicombe Hill Blvd.
     Suite 101
     Toronto, Ont. M9R 1Y3

     Individual donations: W2YC, K6BU, N5ID, NN0TT, KU4EC, JA3EJG, G4CWD, VE3CR, K5LAM
                                         K7ER, JA3CWL, PA1555-R40 (SWL), VE3BUC, W3JJ, W0SF, PA0WRS, JR2WCX
                                         HS1NGR, JR1EFG, PA3ARM, JH0BBE, WV2B, W1PL, N5ORT, VE3MR, WB8TGY
                                         N6DMV, JI3BFC, G0JHC, K2FF, KE8J, KT1J, JA8FRI
     Clubs donations: Oklahoma DXA (K5YAA), Virginia DX Century Club (W4SD), Northern Arizona DXA, 

     RIGS and ANTS:
     6 meter: M2 7 ele yagi + IC706
     HF: TS-2000, FT-1000MP + MLA2500, TS-930
     10-15-20: TH2MK3
     12-17: A3WS
     Modes: CW, SSB and RTTY 




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