George, VE3NZ

George is a QRP enthusiast and a good contester. He has been on several DX-peditions like CY9R, CY0DX, 3A2, VY1 and operated from many parts of the world.

Nick, VE3EY

Nick has been a member of K3LR's M/M team on 40 meter.
He was in Zone 2 last year CQ-WW SSB and he is going there
this year too ! Look for VE3EY/2.

Lali, VE3NE

Lali is holding contest records in Canada and has been on
K3LR's M/M team three times. Represented Canada in the 
First World Championship of Telegraphy in 1995
DX-peditions: CY9R, CY0DX, VY1.


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